My Power to Track the Health of those I care for Integrated with HealntMD – my Doctor’s App

My Doctors

  • Your personalized Doctors directory
    • Search and add to your list the Doctors you consult
    • ‘Add’ doctors you couldn’t find, and Healnt would connect with them
  • Doctor profile and visits history
    • Access Doctor’s profile and visit history – from your device
    • Upcoming appointments with your Doctor
  • Appointment
    • Get access to your Doctor’s clinics and timings
    • Select clinic and request appointment; get notified on appointment cancelation.
    • Cancel appointment, if you must, and Healnt notifies your Doctor.
  • Doctor search
    • Search by name or specialization
    • Vicinity search, with distance from your location
  • Video Consultation**

Health Profile

  • Build your health profile, at your pace
    • Basic profile
    • Advanced profile
    • Personal: Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, Sexual behaviors
    • Family: chronic and genetically transmitted illness details of family
    • Obstetrics & Gynecology
    • Growth and Development (birth to 12 years)
  • Help your Doctors know about you
    • Doctors in ‘My Doctors’ list gets access to your profile
    • Auto updation of profile with health events
    • Restrict access to specific profile sections, for the Doctors you select


  • Health events you encounter
    • Created by your Doctors from HealntMD – when you visit them – and become available on your Healnt App
    • Can be created by you, and become visible to your doctors
    • ‘Stop’ a Condition, when recovered, and view records under History
    • Binds all ‘Condition’ specific Doctor consultations, medicine prescriptions, recommended investigations and results
    • Record all health events, even though self-treated, for completeness of medical records
    • Create ‘Wellness’ condition to track all ‘good health’ and ‘preventive’ investigations and medicines


  • Medicines prescribed by your Doctor get automatically listed here
  • ‘Start’ a medicine to record starting date/ time
  • ‘Stop’ medicine as treatment completes
  • View past medicine consumption ‘History’, and the related Condition
  • Record self-treatment medicines
  • Set Alerts for reminders


  • See the investigations/ diagnostic tests recommended by your Doctors under ‘Planned Investigations’
  • ‘Share’ with Healnt the investigation reports/ test results; or upload from within Healnt
  • Enter detailed test results in predefined, test dependent templates, if you so choose
  • Associate each result/ report to a Condition, and specific Investigation
  • View Conditions, with corresponding Investigations and Results


  • Repository of all your Healthcare documents
    • Prescriptions
    • Investigation reports
    • Bills
    • ... anything else you find relevant


  • Track your vital health parameters when in good health
    • Blood Pressure
    • Blood Sugar
    • Weight
    • Calorie Intake
    • Calories Burnt
    • HbA1c
    • Pulse Rate
    • Respiratory rate
    • Temperature
  • Select the Trackers relevant to you, and create your own customized set
  • Analyze your past records from History
  • Graphical depiction to view trends


  • System Notifications and messages
  • Appointment confirmation or Cancellation intimation
  • Family addition requests, acceptances and decline messages
  • Alerts (immunizations, custom alerts)
  • Q&A with Doctors**


  • Add dependent family members
  • Monitor and manage the health of those you care for
  • Dependent family members added to your device
  • Independent family members added with permission
  • Permission based access to profile sections and conditions for independent family members