• My Doctors
  • Health Conditions
  • Medicines
  • Investigations
  • Documents
  • Trackers


  • Fitness and weight management goals
  • Calorie intake, and Calorie Burn recommended
  • Water intake and Sleep needs recommended
  • Exercise and calorie burn planning
  • Calorie intake, Calorie burn, water take and Sleep tracking and monitoring

Doctor search

  • Search by name or specialization
  • Vicinity search, with distance from your location

My Doctors

Your personalized Doctors directory

  • Search and add to your list the Doctors you consult
  • ‘Add’ doctors you couldn’t find, and Healnt would connect with them

Doctor profile and visits history

  • Access Doctor’s profile and visit history – from your device
  • Upcoming appointments with your Doctor


  • Get access to your Doctor’s clinics and timings
  • Select clinic and request appointment; get notified on appointment cancelation.
  • Cancel appointment, if you must, and Healnt notifies your Doctor.

Doctor search

  • Search by name or specialization
  • Vicinity search, with distance from your location

Health Profile

Build your health profile, at your pace

  • Basic profile
  • Advanced profile
  • Personal: Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, Sexual behaviors
  • Family: chronic and genetically transmitted illness details of family
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Growth and Development (birth to 12 years)

Help your Doctors know about you

  • Doctors in ‘My Doctors’ list gets access to your profile
  • Auto updation of profile with health events
  • Restrict access to specific profile sections, for the Doctors you select


Health events you encounter

  • Created by your Doctors from HealntMD – when you visit them – and become available on your Healnt App
  • Can be created by you, and become visible to your doctors
  • ‘Stop’ a Condition, when recovered, and view records under History
  • Binds all ‘Condition’ specific Doctor consultations, medicine prescriptions, recommended investigations and results
  • Record all health events, even though self-treated, for completeness of medical records
  • Create ‘Wellness’ condition to track all ‘good health’ and ‘preventive’ investigations and medicines


  • Medicines prescribed by your Doctor get automatically listed here
  • ‘Start’ a medicine to record starting date/ time
  • ‘Stop’ medicine as treatment completes
  • View past medicine consumption ‘History’, and the related Condition
  • Record self-treatment medicines
  • Set Alerts for reminders


  • See the investigations/ diagnostic tests recommended by your Doctors under ‘Planned Investigations’
  • ‘Share’ with Healnt the investigation reports/ test results; or upload from within Healnt
  • Enter detailed test results in predefined, test dependent templates, if you so choose
  • Associate each result/ report to a Condition, and specific Investigation
  • View Conditions, with corresponding Investigations and Results


Repository of all your Healthcare documents

  • Prescriptions
  • Investigation reports
  • Bills
  • ... anything else you find relevant


Track your vital health parameters when in good health

  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Sugar
  • Weight
  • Calorie Intake
  • Calories Burnt
  • HbA1c
  • Pulse Rate
  • Respiratory rate
  • Temperature

Select the Trackers relevant to you, and create your own customized set.

Analyze your past records from History.

Graphical depiction to view trends.

Charts for a visual view of your vitals


  • Record of Q&A with Doctors
  • Record of Report reviews received from Doctors
  • Messages received from your Doctors
  • System Notifications and messages
  • Appointment confirmation or Cancellation intimation
  • Family addition requests, acceptances and decline messages
  • Alerts (immunizations, custom alerts)


  • Add dependent family members
  • Monitor and manage the health of those you care for
  • Dependent family members added to your device
  • Independent family members added with permission
  • Permission based access to profile sections and conditions for independent family members

Activity Plan

  • Select the activities you engage most often in, to ease your daily monitoring
  • Choose from hundreds of activities

Activity Goals

  • View your Activity Plan
  • Record time spent on an activity in one step
  • Calorie burn calculation personalized - based on your profile
  • Independent family members added with permission
  • Dials for an easy visualization of goal accomplishment

Calorie IN-TAKE

  • Easy recording of food in-take, and meal categorization
  • Thousands of food items listed
  • Commonly used food quantity measures covered
  • Nutritional information of food items covered
  • Commonly used Indian cuisine covered
  • Easy selection of ‘Recent’ and ‘Favorite’ food items
  • Copy an entire food in-take list from one day to another with a single tap. Edit/ Add/ Remove as needed

Fitness Goal Tracking

Your calorie intake and burn do not always adhere to plan. Take stock of how you are overall doing with respect to your fitness goals:

  • Calorie intake - planned vs actual
  • Calorie burn – planned vs actual
  • For a week/ month
  • Make adjustments as needed