• Patient Consultations
  • In-Patient management
  • Patient profiles
  • Past consultation records
  • Patient Q&A
  • Online investigation reports review
  • Appointment and Block Days management
  • Referral network
  • Analytics and Reports

Patient Records & Medical History

Patient profile visibility

  • Current patients and
  • Prospective patients (those seeking appointments)

Permission based access to profiles

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Personal
  • Family
  • Gynecology
  • Obstetrics
  • Infertility
  • Growth & Development
  • Oncology

Permission based access to patient’s medical history

  • Conditions
  • Investigations & Results
  • Prescriptions and Medicines

Clinical Examination

  • Systemic Investigations
  • Detailed, HealntMD assisted charting
  • Most systems covered
  • Normal system conditions detailed, selectable with a single tap
  • Templatized, detailed examination results, selectable with a tap
  • Built by doctors, for doctors; thinks as Doctors think


  • Simple recording of your patient diagnosis
  • ICD10 data readily available for reference


  • Most common investigations available for selection
  • Ready templates available to patients for recording results
  • Possible to add new (unlisted) investigations
  • Access to patient’s investigation results, once patient ‘shares’ (or uploads) with Healnt


  • Medicines, Procedures, Immunization and Advice
  • Quick selection of medicines from your frequently used list
  • ‘Copy’ with a single tap the medicines from the last prescription. Select what needs to be continued, and add anything new.
  • Standard list of procedures you typically perform at your clinic. Select with a tap what is relevant for the patient.
  • Immunization plan auto generated based on baby’s date of birth. Identify what is administered, with date.
  • Standard list of immunizations to select for adults. Add new.
  • Treatment advice for precautions, diet, do’s and do-not’s
  • Instructions for follow-up visit


  • One tap Prescription generation
  • Professionally structured, complete details.
  • Control what you want on the prescription through selectable ‘Inclusions’
  • Automatically synchs up with patient App. Electronically available through Healnt
  • Printable at clinic
  • Synchronizes prescribed medicines and investigations on patient side
  • Shareable with Referral doctors, Diagnostic Centers and Pharmacies

Referral Network

  • Build your referral network: Doctors, Hospitals and Labs
  • Refer patients easily
  • Track patients referred-out
  • Track in-coming referrals
  • Have the relevant patient details shared within referral network

Appointments & Calendar

  • Maintain multiple clinics and clinic timings
  • Book patient appointments
  • Add new patients, if not found on Healnt
  • Send appointment confirmation messages to patients
  • Cancel appointments, and auto intimate the patients
  • Block calendar days, and make blocked days inaccessible to patients for appointments


  • Patient Q&A
  • Send messages to your patients, or patient groups
  • Patient appointment requests
  • Appointment cancellation messages
  • Referral doctor intimations
  • System notifications and messages


  • Editable profile
  • Multiple Clinics and timings
  • Personalized set of favorite medicines for quick selection; new medicines get auto added to the list
  • Personalized set of ‘Procedures’ you carryout in your clinic
  • Custom Investigation

Web Version

  • Patient appointments management
  • New patient addition
  • Patient list and profile
  • Consultations list
  • Consultation view and print